Jr. On The Hunt

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot bait bus update for you to see and enjoy like usual. Well this style of scene you have gotten to see once more in the past and you loved it, so we decided to go for it once more. So as you can see we decided to pick up another straight guy and blindfold him for a sexual surprise. Of course, the dude at first thought he’d be getting it on with a hot babe, but of course, his cock would be taken care of by a stud this afternoon. So let’s sit back and check out another simply superb scene with some more all new and hot guys getting to do some very very naughty stuff for you this day.

Well just like last time we did something like this, the guy got to feel some juicy lips and expert hands playing with his nice and hard cock and he was quite enjoying it as well while he received some nice oral this afternoon. Then he removed the blindfold and of course, he let the guy continue as it was making him feel really good. Of course after that he got to fuck the guy that sucked him off in the ass and he had his fun fucking him nice and hard too. And of course, he wanted to take it in the ass and see how it felt as well  by the end too. Well have fun with it and we will see you guys next week with some more new content as always! Until then enter the nextdoorworld site and see other hot men sucking big cocks!

Jr. On The Hunt

Enjoy watching this straight guy getting roughly hammered!


In The Ass

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to some more new bait bus scenes today. It’s time to go on another grand fuck tour with our little bus this afternoon while we let another pair of guys get it on in the back of the van. Again you get to see another straight guy getting to try out the other side of the spectrum and ending up loving it quite a lot too. We are glad that he changed his perspective and we feel that we’re going to be seeing him around here some more in the future once more for new scenes too. Anyway, for now let’s just get this show going and see these two in action for this simply superb afternoon scene!

In The Ass

Of course, this being his first time with another man, the guy decided to take the receiving end role for this one as he decided to let the other guy that seems to be more masterful to fuck his ass and see how it feels like. Well they were enjoying it quite more than the others here, and we had to drive around quite a while for them to enjoy themselves before they were done. And yes they did make quite the mess in the back as by the time that they were done with all the ass penetrating and blowjobs they were both covered in each other’s jizz loads too. take the time to have fun with it and see you next week once more with all new updates! Wanna see other hot gay guys fucking? If you do, check out the fraternityx.org site! Have fun and see you soon, friends! Enjoy!

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I Want Dick

Well here we are once more everyone with all new and fresh bait bus scenes to show off to you without delay. We told you last week we’d be back with some more amazing ones and it is time to deliver. So sit back and strap in as you get to see two more guys getting to fuck in the van while it drove around for the whole afternoon today. It’s one scene that you have to see without exception today. And do enjoy some of the past scenes that we had as well as you can see some more gay fucking action with hot dudes sucking cocks and then taking them deep in their asses as well. Anyway let’s get this one started for now.

Going back to our duo for the afternoon you can rest easy knowing that they were in for some amazing times with one another and you will surely recognize at least one of the dudes here from one of our past scenes too. He got to get down and dirty back then too and he seemed to be desiring some more. Watch him getting to receive just what he asked for this afternoon too and see him getting his ass thoroughly plowed as he enjoys riding on top of that hard cock. Like we said, it’s one scene that you just have to see so check it out and enjoy it. We will be here soon once more with new and refreshing scenes for you to see as always! Until then, enter the FraternityX site and see other cock hungry gay guys sucking and riding big fat tools! See you next time, friends!

I Want Dick

Take a look at this straight hunk getting hammered!


Gay Zen State

Today we bring you more new and fresh bait bus scenes as always and you can bet that they are just as amazing as always too. Well for this one we went to the highway with the van as we wanted to give these guys a smooth a ride as possible today. Not that they’d mind a bumpy road either for what they were doing but we wanted them to have an easy time with everything. So the two of them get to have sexual fun like we said and you can bet that you get front row seats to this nice show today. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see them fucking hard style this afternoon shall we everyone?

Gay Zen State

As you may expect, one of them had to be on the receiving end, and that seems to be the stud with the tattoo on his upper arm today. Sit back and watch as he gets to suck his new fuck buddy off to get his meat pole nice and hard and after that you can see him taking his spot on top. Just watch him riding that cock hard style for the whole trip and enjoy seeing his ass thoroughly hammered by this other guy today. That’s about it for this one and we have to take our leave for now, but you can expect to see some more amazing and interesting updates in the future, so we’ll be seeing all of you then with more new scenes okay? Also you might visit the www.jocksstudios.org site and see some cock hungry jocks sucking and riding cocks in front of the video camera!

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Gay Sex Thing

Welcome to more and hot gay sex scenes with some very cute and horny studs that want to show off how they like to have some fun today as well. For this one we went down to Florida to find some guys eager for action and rest assured that the search was not that long to find what we were looking for either. Take some time to see this week’s pair as they get on our little bang bus of sorts and you can see them spending some unforgettable moments in front of the cameras and you guys for the afternoon as they get to do their sexing up in the back of our little van today. So let’s get the scene going as we know you’re eager for the action too.

The guys were pretty much all set to get started as soon as they got in as they were really horny. And it seems that this straight hunk was more than happy to get a feel for how it’s like to get to take a nice and big cock up in the ass as well. Enjoy watching the guy making sure that his ass was all ready for penetration and you can also watch him sucking him off as a bonus too. Anyway, then see those long legs spread and see that cock fucking the ass nice and deep for the whole scene too. And this new man slut got to have a nice and big jizz load sprayed over him as well at the end of the whole thing too. Like hot Rod Daily, he loves swallowing big loads of warm and sticky jizz, so let’s watch him doing his best! Enjoy it and see you soon with more!

gay sex thing

Check out this straight hunk getting fucked in the bus!


Fucking Never Stops

Another fresh week and time to see another new and amazing scene today. We bring you another couple of studs that get to have some kinky fun and you can bet that you get front row seats for this scene today. What we got for you is another straight dude that gets to sample just how good gay studs are at playing with cocks as well for this afternoon. And rest assured that he left the scene quite impressed with the whole thing too, cause like the guys from boynapped blog our men definitely know how to jerk off a cock! So let’s get this show on the road today to show off the action that went down in the back of the van with our would be porn star stud for the afternoon today shall we guys and gals?

Fucking Never Stops

As the cameras start to roll, the scene gets off to a amazing start too. Like we said, the guy was rather curious at the whole thing so as long as some expert hands were working his cock he was more than happy to let them stroke his nice and big meat shaft too. See him laying on his back and presenting that cock for pleasing. You get to see the other dude using his masterful hands to start stroking that hard cock and the guy already felt like in heaven. So yeah, he enjoyed the hand job that he got this afternoon quite a lot if we may say so ourselves. Enjoy seeing him play today and as always do come back next week for some more all new and fresh scenes with more studs!

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Best Van Ride

This week’s baitbus update, is truly a must see if you want to watch some wager guys going at it hard style once more. We can guarantee that this will be one update you will not forget to soon as it’s what we consider one of the best ones that we have laying around. So let’s kick it off and see what goes down in this one for the afternoon shall we everyone? We have another guy that was simply in need of a hard dicking for his ass and you know we always got answers for guys like that. So this van ride, like the title suggests is going to be quite the amazing one for him this afternoon. Let’s get the show rolling and see the action without delay.

As soon as the van gets moving, the guy is already eager to get that cock shoved in his ass so he makes quick work of his clothes as well as his buddy’s too. Watch him stroking that said cock to get it nice and hard and after a nice handjob you can see him taking his spot on top of it. So enjoy seeing him bounce up and down some hard cock this afternoon and see him moaning in pleasure as well. The van did get to a bumpy road at one point, but you can bet that this guy didn’t mind it one bit as he was enjoying his ass fucking at the hands of the other dude. So have fun with the gay fuck today and see you next week as usual! Also you might visit Samuel O’toole‘s blog and watch horny Samuel fucking his buddies all over the place! See you next time!

Best van ride

Enjoy watching this straight guy getting hammered!


Baits Electric

Welcome back today everyone to a all new and hot update as per usual. Baitbus brings you some more new and fresh scenes to watch and you can be sure that they are a must see as well for this week too. Let’s check out another scene where you can see a hot and sexy hunk getting his ass fucked nice and hard. Oh and do check out some of the past scenes that we have around here as well as you will get to see some more hot gay action with some more sexy studs too. And be sure that they are all sizzling hot too, just like the guys from spankthis videos! Anyway, let’s go back to this one for today and see how this lucky guy gets his fine ass penetrated balls deep today.

Baits Electric

At first, you get to see the guy talking a bit about himself and what he likes to do. And of course, he never got around to feel a nice and big cock inside his ass either. Well we asked him if he’d like to try it for a change and of course he did. So take your time to see him and the guy he’d be fucking sucking each other off to get those meat poles nice and hard for the cameras and you and themselves too. Then you can see the straight guy spreading his long legs and letting the stud fuck him missionary style with that nice and big hard cock this afternoon too. We hope that you liked it and we’ll have some more for you to see next week as well. See you then!

See this straight guy getting fucked in the van!


Back and Hungry

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to another hot and amazing bait bus scene today.we know how much you guys love these kinds of scenes so we couldn’t wait to bring you this one. This week you get to see another straight guy getting to take a ride on our surprise bus and he sure gets to experience a surprise in every sense of the word this afternoon. Well let’s check it out as you definitely need to see this one everyone. This guy was of the firm conviction that guys have no idea how to do proper blowjobs like hot babes do, but we proved him wrong in this scene as you will get to see. So let’s get those cameras rolling and see the action.

We actually blindfolded the guy so that he could not see anything, and of course he was fine with it. And he started to enjoy it too when he felt a pair of hands taking down his pants and starting to play with his cock. Of course, that was the other stud and he was just getting started. He begins to suck and slurp on his cock and this guy starts to enjoy it more and more. At one point it was okay for him to take the blindfold off and like we said, he was surprised to see a guy’s lips around his cock making him feel soo good. Like hot Trystan Bull, this guy really knows how to suck a big fat cock! And rest assured that he didn’t want the guy to stop either. So enjoy another superb oral action scene today and see you soon with more!

Back and Hungry

Take a look at this straight guy getting his cock sucked!


A Good Cocksucker

Hey there guys, bait bus is back this week with some more scenes for you and we have more amazing stuff to show off this fine afternoon as well. In this scene you get to see a sexy dude that gets to take a trip to the wild side as one might say and you get to watch him enjoying a mouthful of cock for the afternoon. He’s really proud about his oral skills and you can bet that he brags around about it as well. So we wanted to give him the chance to put his skill where his mouth is if you will and show off just how good he is. So let’s not delay and check out this horny hunk getting around to have some oral fun with some cock.

a good cocksucker

When the scene starts off, you get to watch as the guy whips out the guy’s nice and hard cock and starts working on it. Rest assured that the guy didn’t take long to get it nice and hard and you can bet that the guy getting the blowjob was starting to feel really good too. So yes, he wasn’t lying when he said that he can give the best oral around. Like we said, the guy getting the blowjob was pretty happy about it too and our new stud had him moaning in pleasure as he had his lips wrapped around his nice and big hard cock today. So enjoy the scene and see you next week with another new and hot update everyone! Also you might visit the Japan Boyz blog and see some hot japanese twinks getting sprayed with nasty jizz! Have fun!

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