Best Van Ride

This week’s baitbus update, is truly a must see if you want to watch some wager guys going at it hard style once more. We can guarantee that this will be one update you will not forget to soon as it’s what we consider one of the best ones that we have laying around. So let’s kick it off and see what goes down in this one for the afternoon shall we everyone? We have another guy that was simply in need of a hard dicking for his ass and you know we always got answers for guys like that. So this van ride, like the title suggests is going to be quite the amazing one for him this afternoon. Let’s get the show rolling and see the action without delay.

As soon as the van gets moving, the guy is already eager to get that cock shoved in his ass so he makes quick work of his clothes as well as his buddy’s too. Watch him stroking that said cock to get it nice and hard and after a nice handjob you can see him taking his spot on top of it. So enjoy seeing him bounce up and down some hard cock this afternoon and see him moaning in pleasure as well. The van did get to a bumpy road at one point, but you can bet that this guy didn’t mind it one bit as he was enjoying his ass fucking at the hands of the other dude. So have fun with the gay fuck today and see you next week as usual! Also you might visit Samuel O’toole‘s blog and watch horny Samuel fucking his buddies all over the place! See you next time!

Best van ride

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